Bank of Ceylon assists SME entrepreneurs engaged in tea industry in the Ratnapura District

Bank of Ceylon assists SME entrepreneurs engaged in tea industry in the Ratnapura District

Dec 06, 2020

Colombo (Sri Lanka), December 6: Considering the importance of encouraging SME tea factory owners and tea Plantation owners in the Ratnapura district, towards establishing economic wellbeing within the industry and the region, Bank of Ceylon has conducted a seminar, opening door to discuss about their financial concerns and arrange tailor made solutions for them that better serves them during COVID 19 adversities.
The seminar was conducted with the patronage of the bank's Chairman Kanchana Ratwatte and the General Manager D.P.K Gunasekera. Deputy General Manager Sales and Channel Management Priya Silva, Deputy General Manager Retail Banking Range 2 Bandara Gurusinghe, Assistant General Manager Sabaragamuwa Province Duminda Dayawansa also participated in the discussion.
It was noted that this customer awareness program was fruitful in many aspects in such customers were given a direct forum to table their concerns that BOC insights enabling it to guide entrepreneurs through to fulfill their true requirements during these times of COVID 19.
The Bank considered it as a national responsibility to encourage SME sector through financial assistance and enhancing financial management skills through programs such as these to boost the financial efficacy of organizations to better contribute towards the country's economic development.
Understanding the importance of SME entrepreneurs whose economic contribution is imperative towards country's GDP the Bank has been engaged in a series of seminar and discussions at ground level with these entrepreneurs to co-create and bundle up tailor made loan packages that are specifically directed to improve such industries.
Source: Colombo Page