Natasha Kanade promotes healthy lifestyle and modern-diet programs via 'Transform With Natasha'

Natasha Kanade promotes healthy lifestyle and modern-diet programs via 'Transform With Natasha'

May 14, 2021

New Delhi [India], May 14 (ThePRTree ): Clinical Sports Nutrition Consultant and Lifestyle Coach, Natasha Kanade, customizes diet plans as per an individual's nutritional needs and preferences.
With her venture, 'Transform with Natasha', she promotes health care online to battle lifestyle disorders like diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, high cholesterol, and obesity.
Agree or not, it is the diet and nutrition that can make or break a human's physique. For any individual, working with different dieticians and nutritionists is a completely different ballgame. Gaining a thorough knowledge about nutrition, celebrity nutritionist Natasha Kanade realized that people give up on their fitness goals, not because of a lack of determination, but because of the complicated diet plan they follow.
In such a situation, a person ends up being hungry and feels drained all the time. That's where the need for a flexible diet program comes into the picture. Natasha does not believe in traditional diet programs. Instead, she understands the prospective needs of her clients and comes up with what will suit them the best.
Her solutions are the modern-day go-to program as it caters to the increasing need for tailored feasible diet plans that not only helps you lose weight and tone your body but also works on improving your health and overall fitness levels. Natasha Kanade's online portal and wellness website,
is a one-stop health and weight-loss center. The online-based platform inspires people of all age groups to not just work on their health and fitness, but it also helps them completely transform their lifestyle with a modern approach.
With current lifestyle and between the hustle, one tends to ignore health, and hence there is an increasing number of different lifestyle disorders. Especially with the millennials and working professionals, care must be taken of daily nutrition and adopting healthy lifestyle changes that will help people stay protected from different health disorders. According to Natasha, "It starts with working on the five elements, which I like to call the 5-key to a healthy life that includes a balanced diet, exercises, adequate water intake, good sleep and stress management. Follow the mantra and you are good to go."
Besides this, Natasha Kanade is even encouraging people to improve their health through her social media page
. In simple words, she is there to give plentiful health advice daily. On her web portal, the nutritionist has categorized programs that are segregated for people of different categories:
1) Millennial diet program - Diets that are fun and easy to follow.
2) Working professional's diet program - Hassle-free diets that save your kitchen time and gives you a smart plan that enables you to follow the diet on the go.
3) Mother and Child Nutrition programs - Time-saving diets that come with healthy recipes, both the child and mother can enjoy, and, at the same time, it provides all the essential nutrients needed for growth and recovery.
4) Fitness Enthusiasts - Programs customized for fitness freaks depending on their activity levels, type of exercise, or sports and goals, designed in a hassle-free and smart pattern for maximum recovery and progress.
Lastly, Natasha Kanade's programs are exclusively designed keeping in mind the goals of the people. Her diet plan differs from person to person and is customized in a completely different way. The programs are only designed after understanding a person's eating pattern, sleeping time, working hours, religious preference, and medical history. Keeping these things in mind enables a person to follow the program religiously and to sustain the diet plan without feeling tired or starved. The celebrity nutritionist with her smart diet programs has rightly given people a new dimension of living a fit and healthy life.
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