RTA announces comprehensive plan for facilitating movement of delegations, visitors during COP28

RTA announces comprehensive plan for facilitating movement of delegations, visitors during COP28

Nov 21, 2023

Dubai [UAE], November 21: Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), Principal Pathway Partner of the 28th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP28), announced that it has mapped out a comprehensive plan for facilitating the movement of delegations and visitors attending the conference, in coordination with the Office of the Special Envoy for Climate Change of the UAE and Expo City Dubai. The leading global event is scheduled to take place at Expo City Dubai from 30 November to 12 December.
As part of the plan, RTA will provide transportation services across the Blue Zone for official delegations and the Green Zone for representatives of businesses and the public, as well as the 18th United Nation Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY18) participants. RTA will also provide eco-friendly modes of transport to the venue and facilitate smooth access within the venue.
RTA highlighted its commitment to ensuring the success of the global event, which is set to reinforce the UAE's position as a leader in climate action. Its participation in the event and the meticulous plan it has developed for a smooth transportation experience reflects its keenness to continue contributing to sustainability efforts and the UAE's initiatives to protect the environment.
In collaboration with relevant stakeholders, RTA has formulated technical plans for effective mobility management during the event, utilising various transit modes such as the Dubai Metro, Dubai Bus and taxis at the event site. These plans encompass managing and designating service points and regulating traffic flow on the surrounding roads and intersections. Additionally, alternative strategies have been devised to address potential scenarios of traffic congestion, ensuring a seamless traffic flow throughout the duration of the event.
In a proactive effort to advance climate action and reduce emissions, RTA has introduced exclusive special edition 'nol' cards for COP28 delegates. This initiative is designed to encourage and facilitate the use of public transportation in Dubai for free during the conference.
COP28 participants can conveniently reach the venue by utilising the Dubai Metro, with the designated Expo 2020 Metro Station serving as the primary access point. Recognised as the most environmentally sustainable option, the Dubai Metro offers the easiest and efficient means of transportation to the event.
In support of COP28, the RTA has extended the Metro operating hours, ensuring service from 5:00 am to 1:00 am the following day throughout the conference days. For added convenience, participants utilising public transport can benefit from free multi-level car parking facilities at stations such as Centrepoint, Etisalat by e, and Jebel Ali Station. This will further encourage the use of public transportation and enhance the accessibility of the event for attendees.
The internal transit plan includes the deployment of 67 biofuel-powered buses, complemented by 10 electric buses, to serve visitors at four stops within Expo City Dubai. Additionally, RTA has introduced new bus routes tailored to transport delegates and organisers to key locations such as JBR, Mall of the Emirates, Ibn Battuta and other key areas in the emirate, facilitating their mobility beyond the operational hours of the metro.
Dubai's transportation sector features a diverse fleet, including over 10,000 hybrid taxis and 1,000 electric luxury vehicles. These vehicles can be conveniently hailed within Expo City Dubai through the Hala Taxi platform. Furthermore, users of luxury vehicles can opt for services through platforms like Uber, Careem and Yango. Four designated ranks (stops) within Expo City, strategically located at Opportunity Gate, Mobility Gate, Sustainability Gate and the Metro Gate, facilitate easy access for these vehicles.
In an effort to enhance wayfinding for visitors and participants, RTA has installed over 100 directional road signs, providing clear guidance to navigate their way to the conference site.
As part of its participation in the conference, RTA will be showcasing its key initiatives to protect the environment, including its Zero-Emission Public Transport Strategy 2050, which will be presented in coordination with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment at the UAE pavilion's Blue Zone. The presentation is set to highlight the key aspects of the strategy and promote the use of sustainable transportation methods.
RTA will have a dedicated stand in the Green Zone of the conference, providing participants with detailed insights into key projects. These projects include the 'Self-Driving Transport Strategy,' 'Future Aerial Taxi Vertiports,' 'First and Last Mile Strategy,' a range of mass transport and soft mobility solutions, sustainable transport initiatives, and the 'Zero-Emission Public Transport Strategy 2050.' The stand aims to address participant inquiries and foster a deeper understanding of RTA's innovative and sustainable transportation endeavours.
RTA will showcase a visual presentation during the 18th United Nations Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY18), dedicating a session to address young participants and emphasise key topics related to green commuting in public transport and taxis. The presentation will also highlight innovative initiatives and plans aimed at reducing emissions from public transport buses and taxis in Dubai.
As a demonstration of support for youth initiatives in climate action, RTA has issued complimentary pre-charged 'Nol' cards to young participants attending the conference. This gesture is intended to encourage them to utilise public transportation in Dubai at no cost throughout the duration of the Conference of Youth.
In further support of environmental consciousness, RTA has extended an invitation to participants and visitors of COP28 to use public transportation for accessing the conference venue at Expo City Dubai, following the theme 'Way To Go.' This initiative seeks to inspire engagement in climate protection by urging individuals to choose public transportation for their journey, enabling them to appreciate the sights of Dubai while contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions. By encouraging this sustainable approach, participants' commitment to achieving the conference's goals begins even before their actual arrival at the event.
Conference visitors can obtain a 'Nol' card and download the 'S'hail' app to identify the easiest and fastest route to reach the conference venue.
Source: Emirates News Agency