UK sanctions Russian prison chiefs after activist's death

UK sanctions Russian prison chiefs after activist's death

Feb 22, 2024

London [UK], February 22: The UK has frozen the assets of six Russian prison bosses in charge of the Arctic penal colony where opposition leader Alexei Navalny died.
They will also be banned from travelling to the UK, which the Foreign Office says is the first country to impose sanctions over his death.
Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron said those responsible for Navalny's "brutal treatment" would be held accountable. But there has been criticism that the latest sanctions do not go far enough.
Western leaders say the blame for Navalny's death lies with the Russian authorities, including President Vladimir Putin. The US has also announced it will be unveiling its own package of sanctions against Russia over Navalny's death and the ongoing war in Ukraine on Friday.
The British government has called for Navalny's body to be released to his family immediately and for a full and transparent investigation to take place.
The appeal from the UK echoes similar calls from Navalny's mother, who was filmed on Tuesday outside the colony where he died saying she had been trying to see him for five days but did not even know where he was.
Those sanctioned by the UK are Col Vadim Konstantinovich Kalinin - head of the penal colony Lt Col Sergey Nikolaevich Korzhov - deputy head Lt Col Vasily Alexandrovich Vydrin - deputy head Lt Col Vladimir Ivanovich Pilipchik - deputy head Lt Col Aleksandr Vladimirovich Golyakov - deputy head Col Aleksandr Valerievich Obraztsov - deputy head.
There was no suggestion any of the individuals were likely to travel to the UK before the sanctions against them.
Announcing the sanctions, Lord Cameron said it was "clear that the Russian authorities saw Navalny as a threat and they tried repeatedly to silence him".
"No-one should doubt the oppressive nature of the Russian system," he added.
"That's why we're today sanctioning the most senior prison officials responsible for his custody in the penal colony where he spent his final months.
"Those responsible for Navalny's brutal treatment should be under no illusion - we will hold them accountable."
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the UK and its allies were considering "all options to hold Russia and Putin to account".
Source: Qatar Tribune