Festival of India in Nepal: Punjabi folk dance turns heads in Kathmandu

Feb 27, 2019

Kathmandu (Nepal), Feb 27 (ANI): The third event of the 'Festival of India' in Nepal saw a contemporary folk Punjabi dance performance on Tuesday (February 26) at the Nepal academy hall. The performance by Harinder Pal and troop was a part of the month-long festival organised by the Swami Vivekananda Cultural Centre, Embassy of India, Kathmandu and the Indian Ministry of Culture. Nepal’s Minister for the Physical Infrastructure and Transport along with his spouse were the chief guests at the event. India and Nepal share unique bonds of friendship characterized by deep rooted people-to-people ties. Since millennia, people of both India and Nepal have nurtured common heritage of art, music and cinema. These cultural bonds have built a solid bridge of friendship and understanding among the people of our two nations. The Festival of India in Nepal aims to strengthen the existing age-old relations, reinforcing sensibilities, affinities and shared cultural bonds between the people of the two countries. The festival further contributes towards sustaining and enhancing mutual understanding between India and Nepal.