India has done the needful, says Defence Expert PK Sehgal on IAF strikes in PoK

Feb 28, 2019

New Delhi, Feb 26 (ANI): Soon after an announcement about an aerial strike by Indian Air Force (IAF) at major terror camps in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) was made, Defence Expert PK Sehgal said that it is a big achievement for India. Sehgal said, “Mirage is a superb aircraft and 12 aircraft carrying 1000 kg bombs must have devastated that entire area and totality. However Pakistan is gone on to a denial mode that Jaish-E terrorists camps have been completely obliterated, no doubts on that. I am very sure that soon the damage assessment report will also be released because one or two aircrafts take photographs to indicate what amount of damage that has been done. Once the damage report released the Pakistan’s conviction on statements that Indians withdrew after they scramble their jets would be provable wrong and we will be able to convince the world that India has done the needful.” The strike comes within 12 days after the ghastly terror attack in Pulwama took place.