‘India is not Russia, and is different from China…’ US NSA Jake Sullivan

Sep 22, 2023

Washington DC (USA), September 22 (ANI): Responding to a question on why the United States of America gives a “free pass” to India and China on Russian aggression, the National Security Advisor of the US, Jake Sullivan, said that India is not Russia and is different from China. “We've taken a variety of actions to protect America’s security vis-a-vis threats to the U.N.C. and we have to make sure American technology can't be used against us. President Biden is the first to take those steps and no other administration has done so, and with respect to India whether it comes to relations including the watch list or otherwise, we make those concerns clear and we defend US interests, as we do with every country in the world. Now, India is not Russia and China has its own set of challenges we deal with in its own context. Of course, there are going to be differences in how we deal with countries one by one but the idea, the north star of this administration is if you represent a threat to the American people's security, prosperity, or basic sense of fairness, we'll take action to defend that. I think our record on that across multiple countries including the ones you mentioned is quite clear for the last two-and-a-half years,” said the NSA, Jake Sullivan on September 21.