“Red-letter day…” Indian High Commissioner to UK lauds Silkyara tunnel rescue mission

Nov 29, 2023

London (UK), Nov 29 (ANI): Indian High Commissioner to the UK, Vikram Doraiswami on lauded the Silkyara tunnel rescue mission to evacuate the trapped workers. Talking to ANI, Vikram Doraiswami said that it was really a red-letter day. “I think it's a fantastic piece of news. It is a huge relief for everyone looking at this and recognizing the trauma of not just the men who were trapped, but also their families. But it is also of huge credit to the skill and capabilities that our system has developed and, of course, of international expertise that came into support that every single one of the men has been rescued. It is really a red-letter day... Great kudos to everybody involved in the rescue...” Vikram Doraiswami said.