Marvellous beauty of Japanese landscape attracts tourists

May 31, 2019

Ise (Japan), May 30 (ANI): This beautiful view from the observatory is “Ago” Bay, Mie prefecture of Japan, where there are many different shapes of island and the peninsula merges into the beautiful horizon. The summer season has just arrived, which brings a surreal look to the landscape of the Island. In 2016, G7 Ise-Shima summit was held here. The attraction, which is popular among tourists is the cruise ship, on which they can enjoy seeing small islands and pearl farm while enjoying the refreshing wind. In Iseshima area, there are many marine museums. “Toba marine museum” breeds fish from the sea around Iseshima and “Finless Porpoise” one of the seven porpoise species of Dolphin. Here Visitors can enjoy seal shows and breeding techniques. This is dugong. Marine museum has named it “Serena”. The dugong is a large herbivorous animal with a whale-like body and a small head. This animal creates a lot of excitement in the tourists visiting the place. Japan has a mixed terrain of mountains and beautiful seas which creates a diverse rich experience for the tourists visiting there.