Pakistan is responsible for growing terrorism in South Asia, say Experts

Jun 05, 2019

London (United Kingdom), June 05 (ANI): A number of renowned scholars, who gathered recently in English capital London to discuss the growing menace of terrorism in South Asia and its neighbours, have categorically blamed Pakistan for deteriorating peace in the region. The statements came in a seminar which was organised by the Democracy forum, a non-governmental organisation that works intensively to promote the ideals of democracy, pluralism and tolerance. In the light of growing number terror attacks in South Asia, the seminar focused at the fundamentals of terrorism in south Asia and its proliferation thereafter. Professor and a counter-terrorism expert Dr. Christine Fair asserted that it was Pakistan which gave birth to terrorism in order to set and achieve its diabolic agenda in the region. The United States which supported Pakistan for years has long been frustrated by what it sees as Pakistan's reluctance to act against groups such as the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network who they believe exploit safe haven on Pakistani soil to launch attacks in Afghanistan. Amid a growing international pressure, Pakistan proclaimed that it had launched a crackdown against all the terror outfits in Pakistan. However, soon it came out with its template excuse of deficit of funds. Whether it is Washington or Beijing, Pakistan has seemingly lost all its allies with latest blow coming from China which gave up on Masood Azhar’s designation as global terrorist. Now it becomes imperative for Islamabad to mend its domestic as well as external policies which were essentially focused at spreading mayhem across its borders. Else the day is not far when it will become a pariah state languishing in the black list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).