UN must intervene to protect minorities from persecution in Pakistan, asks woman activist

Sep 25, 2020

Geneva (Switzerland), Sep 26 (ANI): A rights activist from Pakistan, Anila Gulzar has requested the United Nations to intervene and protect minority rights in Pakistan as they have been facing persecution foe the past seven decades. While making an intervention during the 45th Session of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Gulzar said, “Minorities are suffering for the past 73 years in Pakistan. I would like the world to know that a lot of Christians have left Pakistan due to fear of being persecuted by Blasphemy law. They are languishing in Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.”She said, “Every year 1000 minor Christian Hindu and Sikh girls are kidnapped and forcefully converted and married to their kidnappers”. A 37 year old Christian man Asif Pervez refused to accept Islam and was arrested in 2013 under Blasphemy law has now sentenced to death. A 14 year old Hindu girl named Mehek Kumari was abducted on her way to school in Jacobabad and forcefully converted to Islam and married to her abductor. Gulzar added, “I request the United Nations Human Rights Council to intervene in this situation. Thousands of Pakistani minority refugees are languishing all over the world. At least they should be settled in Europe and Canada so that their nightmare can be over.”